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ID Backslide Disc Cap Bottle 4.4 floz

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Thick cushiony smooth and long lasting; ID Backslide is the perfect formula for anal sex and pleasure. This unique silicone lubricant not only has super slip but also contains clove and spilanthes that act as a mild muscle relaxant. This makes penetration easier but doesn't dull any of the pleasure. It's not only one of the best anal lubricants available but also one of the thickest. As anal sex becomes more and more popular Backslide is here to make it the best experience for everyone. Now couples can enjoy mutual pleasure without any of the difficulties discomfort or pain. Backslide can also be used as a vaginal lubricant or for anything else you feel like lubricating. Backslide is clear tasteless and odourless. It's also latex compatible so it's safe to use with most condoms.